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Elizabeth Queen of Laughs UPDATE

28 october 2019

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The Queen may play a wonderful revenge joke on Boris Johnson 

After the Queen's well-documented confrontation with Boris Johnson over the summer, when (according to the Supreme Court) he "misled" her about why he wanted to suspend parliament, I thought I ought to update my book, Elizabeth II Queen of Laughs.

And in doing so, I discovered that Her Maj has the opportunity, if she so desires, to get her proroguish PM back, in a way that hasn't been done since 1834. A constitutional clip on the ear that a lot of people think he deserves.

So I've added all this into the book, as well as the lesser, but almost as amusing, attempts by ex-PM David Cameron to make sure that there is no chance of him ever being given a knighthood. 

You can read all about it in the updated version of the book, in paperback or ebook form, here :