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11 december 2019

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Death Goes Viral, a genetically modified murder mystery

Watching Britain's political chaos of recent months reminded me of this novel I published back in 2004. All the talk of selling off the National Health Service and of politicians' contacts with billionaires was very reminiscent of the goings-on in my story. As was the discussion of what you can and can't believe in the news. And the weather being shot to hell.

Predictably, though, all the technology in the novel was way out of date. I'd "invented", for example, a visual search engine that is no longer sci-fi at all. The computers all had mouses, or mice. And my revolutionary online medical diagnosis service is no longer revolutionary at all.

So I updated it all, keeping that central newsworthy themes of dubious politicians in league with multinationals, and fake news and fake "friends", and here is Death Goes Viral, a shiny new novel that is, if anything, much more darkly comic than in 2004. The world has come a long way since then, mostly backwards.

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